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Top Features Every Good Web Hosting Provider Must Offer

As a business owner, finding the right web hosting provider in Canada can be quite tricky, so here are some of the features you should look out for. Start with amount of disk space, you'll need at least 1GB, then next would be checking out the amount of add-on domains, I'd aim for 3 add-on domains. As for # of databases, I always like to see "no limit". Anyway, these are the features you should check, and you can also search for the best Canadian web hosting review pages to get a good overview of the top Canadian web hosts out there. 

Large amount of storage

What could be one of the most common questions that will pop into your mind is the amount of data that you will be able to store on your website. If you know that your site is going to improve for the next couple of years (definieltey if you're using a scalable CMS like WordPress - in which case I would consider looking for a managed WordPress hosting provider), you should make sure that you choose a web hosting provider that can provide you enough space for storing all the data that you will ever need in the long run.


Email accounts

Make sure that your web host is offering email account for all the domains that you will be running. Ask the number of email accounts that they will let you set up and make sure that you check out the selections for you to receive that mail. Some companies offer webmail interface that can let you have multiple choices.

Customer support

If you have any problems with your website or you need further assistance, the company should be able to provide you with the customer service that you’ll need. Just make sure that the corporation is dedicated to attending the needs of their clients because there are some that offer assistance, but it will take them too long to respond accordingly to your issue.

Shell access

If you want a little more control on your website, then you should consider shell access. This feature will let you log into the server. In that way, you will be able to easily copy all the files, change the permission of an individual file, and finish multiple tasks at once. This feature is ideal for a little more advanced business owner who wanted to control their website as much as they can.

If your web hosting provider can offer the features above, you can rest assure that your investment to their company will be worth it. These features can help you to complete tasks easier and faster. Managing your website will never be easier without these functions on hand! It can help you make a decision whether you should invest in this individual company or not.

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