4 common mistakes web designers make

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An important part of learning is to experiment. That way you will learn from your mistakes. Web designers are creative people who experiment with various kinds of designs. Here are the common mistakes they make.

Lack of vision

Every webpage is there for a reason. Some websites are there to convey information, while others are there sell a product or service. The function of each element on the website must be clear. If there is anything that doesn’t support, it must be removed. You must create a clear visual hierarchy so that the visitors can easily scan the page and get the key information. The styling and tone of the page must reflect the purpose of your site.

Accepting fads and trends

It’s a good idea to go with the trend, but it’s essential to stick with the main design principles. You should stick to the principles of typography, image, and layout.


Poor text treatment

The text of your website shouldn’t be very small. You should check how your website looks at various resolutions and CSS media queries to adapt. Headings must be bigger than the paragraph text. You should give enough vertical space between the lines of text. You must also leave enough ‘white space’ around the text. You should not use more than two to three fonts. Having a dark text on a light background works well.

Poor photography, logos and icon treatment

You can use the stock photography websites to get images. Your photos should not be too small. Same goes in case of icon and logos. You should master in Photoshop so that you can adjust the color and contrast of the photographs, logos, and icon.


If you can avoid these common mistakes, you will be able to design a great website. The website will not only look good but will be functional as well.