Building e-commerce store in one day

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The number of e-commerce stores is increasing. Many small business owners see this segment as a profitable venture. Though it may look like a tough job, launching an e-commerce store can take only one day. Here are the steps to build your e-commerce store in one day.

1. Select a design

Some companies invest in making a custom store design. But it is much cheaper and easier to rent a ready-made design using Shopify or similar e-commerce service. You should select a design that will blend with your product or service. Such design will encourage customers to buy. As a thumb rule, choose a theme that is simple, mobile friendly and has a conventional design. Your focus will be to give your customers an enjoyable experience. Having animations and banners may seem like a good idea, but these can distract the customers from the main task, which is selling the product or service. When you browse design templates, you must consider how your store will appear when the template is filled with the product images. You should come up with a site that is visually appealing and keeps the focus on your products or services.

2. Fill in content

After you have selected the design, your next step would be to have content for the site. You can write about return policies, terms, and conditions, shipping information, etc. You can have individual product pages containing details about each product. Before you publish your content, you must check for grammar, spelling, and clarity. You can go back and adjust your content if necessary.

3. Add products and prepare to ship

You should have a layout containing products and a way of shipping them. There are drop-shipping apps such as Oberlo can help you fill your store with products. After you receive an order, you only need to confirm the order using your drop-shipping app. Your product will be sent to the customer. If you install drop-shipping apps on the first day, you will be ready to start filling customer orders from day one.

After finishing these three steps, you can start to market and sell your products. You still have the option to make additional upgrades and improvements to your store whenever required. If you can manage to create your e-commerce store within one day, you can start selling earlier and make money. The e-commerce platforms that are available online help small businesses to manage their sites without the need to depend on others. Make a plan for your e-commerce site and launch your site as soon as possible.